The current mission of this site is to share speech movies with my Toastmasters friends.


If you are here to pick up a speech movie I have recorded for you, you should look for an email that I have sent you. It will contain your user credentials and information about downloading your movie.


The remainder of the collection here includes a news aggregation of public speaking tips, Toastmasters FAQs, and blogs that I found interesting along with my own web log of thoughts related to Toastmasters. There are also a few miscellaneous technology experiments that I am investigating.



This web site began from an instructional meeting I had with Ed Tate, the world champion of public speaking in 2000. We met in May of 2007 and I asked Ed to evaluate a speech of mine. He gave me the most outstanding speech evaluation of my Toastmasters career. One of the things Ed instructed me in his evaluation was, if I was serious about improving my public speaking, to arrange to have every speech from now on to be video taped. Then Ed told me how to watch the tapes. I took notes. That'll be for a future article.

TLI Materials

With this post, I will be accumulating background information for TLI training especially in the areas of Membership and Public Relations.

1. Club training materials:

2. Vice President Public Relations
    a. Script, Slide Text, Handouts (PDF)
    b. Slides (PPS)
    c. How to be a sussessful VPPR
    d. Guidelines from Toastmasters International on the use of web pages

3. Vice President Membership
    a. Script, Slide Text, Handouts (PDF)
    b. Slides (PPS)

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